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A Foody's Dream

A Foody's Dream

I’m. In. Heaven. FICO Eataly World was a foodies greatest dream! From fresh mozzarella, to the world’s best pasta, and then all the wine you could imagine! This will probably be hands down, my favorite stop on the trip. FICO Eataly World is a combination of your local farmers market plus all of the best restaurants.

First up: PIZZA! We started our day making fresh pizza at Rossopomodora and it was an experience! They took us step by step through their process of making their amazing pizzas; from mixing dry ingredients with our hands, to shaping our pizzas and putting on the finishing toppings.! (Note to self: Take off all rings and watches beforehand! Otherwise, things are going to get a little messy!) Their process takes about 16 hours to create a pizza… ours took about 45 minutes. Either way, we had a great time forming the dough and competing to get the instructors approval for the best pizza.


Next up: EXPLORING! Fico Eataly has everything from restaurants serving handmade pasta, fresh olive oil being sold, to different types of cheeses being made right in front of you! You could go up to each store and ask fro samples of cheese and jam to go with it! After finishing off your samples, you could wash it down with a real fruit juice from a kiosk. You can buy bags of pasta to take home, jam, and so much more. It’s one stop shopping for your mouth!


Last but definitely not least: WINE! A goal of a member from our group was to bring home 6 bottles of wine and the selection from FICO Eataly did not disappoint! They had a vast variety of wines to suit all different pallets. They also had recommendations to go along with each type and restaurant where you could try before you buy. If you’re ever going to Italy just for the wine, be sure to stop by FICO Eataly. Italians in general are usually extremely hospitable and friendly, but one of the sales associates in the store was more than helpful in assisting their selection. She was extremely accommodating to us non- Italian speakers and so friendly. This is the kind of service you can expect when visiting FICO!


Overall, FICO Eataly was an amazing experience! By the end of it, the one thing the entire group agreed on was that we needed more time than we had, to fully explore and enjoy this amazing place!

Buon Appetito, Bologna!

Buon Appetito, Bologna!

Don't touch the Lamborghini

Don't touch the Lamborghini