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Traveling Through FaceTime

Traveling Through FaceTime

When I first arrived in Verona, I absolutely fell in love with the city! From the scenery, to the beautifully colored buildings, to our hotel. I immediately had to share it with someone!

My mom is a 3rd grade teacher back home. Because of the time difference, I knew she would still be at work. Although sometimes she’s still able to talk to me. I messaged her and asked if I could FaceTime her so she could see what I was seeing. She said it was PERFECT timing. She was just teaching her students about the different time zones within the country and across the world, and how it had been a challenge to talk to me while I was in Italy.

When we started the video chat, her students couldn’t believe I was in Italy! I showed them the view from my hotel room and told them about the Lamborghini Factory we visited the day before which they really seemed to enjoy!


My roommate was also in the room so they asked us questions like what time was it there, have we seen any grand structures, were we close to Paris, and have we seen any expensive cars, specifically Tesla’s. To which we answered, 4:18 pm, the Torre Degli Asinelli (the towers that lean more than Pisa),we were closer to Austria in that city, and yes and no. I sent them pictures of the cars we saw at Lamborghini and explained to them that most of the common city cars were Fiats and Smart Cars and that Tesla’s were more of an American thing.

I talked to my mom later on, and she told me for the rest of the day, all that her students could talk about was our video chat, and the days following, just kept asking when we could do it again.


They asked some really great questions and I enjoyed talking to them so throughout our scheduled activities. I was keeping an eye out for grand structures and things I thought they would enjoy to take pictures and send back to them.

So when our tour guide and coordinator, Morena, took us to see the Duomo and the Galleria, I immediately knew I had to FaceTime my moms class again. I was so excited to do so, that I forgot about the time difference and ended up calling my mom at 5:45 am thinking it was later than it was back home!

When my mom was actually at work, we scheduled to do it as soon as her students came in since I had a scheduled activity to do right after. I was able to show them both the Duomo and the Galleria.


To say they were impressed is an understatement!


I enjoyed talking to them probably as much as they enjoyed talking to me! They loved the idea that they were able to through Italy with me, through FaceTime!


*Updated at a later time*: I saw a Tesla the last night of our trip!